Surgery and Health Clinic Cleaning

These can range from small family practices or Doctors’ Surgeries to very big Health Clinics or Health Centres.

Cleaning of health clinic and surgery usually covers the following:

Gyms vary in size and the services they offer. However, all the areas the members use need to be kept clean. From spaces where people exercise to changing and locker rooms or leisure spaces. Some of your gym cleaning requirements might include:

☑ Reception
☑ Waiting rooms
☑ Treatment rooms
☑ Offices
☑ Toilet and washroom areas
☑ Windows

Hygiene Risks for Surgery and Health Clinics

Maintaining high standards of hygiene is vital for any Doctors Surgery or a Health Clinic.

If surfaces aren’t kept clean they will attract harmful bacteria. At Buffers Commercial Cleaning we have experience and the cleaning knowledge to fight MRSA and other pathogenic micro-organisms. We also can an out of hours cleaning for all areas with a bespoke cleaning solution for each customer.

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